How to Make Your Office More Efficient

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There's a number of small changes you can make to the way your office operates on a daily basis to make it more efficient. Some of these changes don't even require any cost at all, but they are guaranteed to make your workers happier and more efficient at their jobs.

Stand-up Meetings
Conduct meetings standing up. Not only are people much faster at getting to the point, but it's a healthy break for the attendees from sitting down at their desks. These meetings save a lot of time, and frankly, people who "just want to get out of work" to attend them are less likely to do so if it requires effort to attend such meetings.

This one's a bit controversial because managers feel like they're relinquishing control of their employees by letting them work from home. Telecommuting is allowing workers to work from home during certain days/hours of the week. This has been proven to make those who are happy to do that kind of work much more efficient. Let me stress that this isn't an "everthing or nothing" option. You could let certain workers you trust (or volunteers) work from home one day a week to see how it goes, and extend the program to more days and more employees from there. You will ALWAYS need employees in the office for a certain amount of time each week, and it's good if there are times when ALL workers can be in the office at the same time. Telecommuting gives your workers a better work/life balance because they spend less time commuting and so long as they get the work done on time, they can fit in day-to-day tasks like getting to the bank at quiet times and other such chores - around their work.

It's always struck me as a bit mad that almost every person in every business starts and finishes work at the same time. A little bit of flexibility goes a long way. Being stuck in the morning and evening rush hours is maddening, knowing that a journey of one hour could be done in twenty minutes (or less!) in quieter traffic. Flexitime can allow workers to come in a bit earlier or a bit later, depending on their own circumstances. There will still be a central point in the day where everyone is in the office together (good for meetings). Flexitime has many benefits like allowing workers to avoid rush hours, helps them get extra sleep, and do chores like going to the bank in the morning. This in turn creates a happier workforce.

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