How to Have a More Energy Efficient Office

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Let's look at some ways to help reduce the amount of energy your offices uses. While there are some radical changes you can make to the actual office itself (insulation, more efficient forms of heating), we will focus on changes that are "light touch", but can make a difference.

Computer Settings
This one can be done quickly. Do an audit of each computer and ensure that screen brightness is reduced (to a safe level). Also check to see CPU usage of each device. Sometimes computers needlessly use CPU cycles because some application (that isn't needed) is running in the background all the time. This in turn can waste a lot of energy.

Reduce Office Hours
This will make most managers recoil in disgust, but it's entirely possible to reduce office hours while maintaining - or even improving - office productivity. The answer is telecommuting. Allowing office workers to spend some of their workweek at home working will mean they spend less hours in the office. The office may still be open during the same hours each day, but less facilities will be used in any given hours, thus reducing energy requirements. You could also consider closing the office early on special days if deadlines are met - these early closing could be construed as a reward for a productive office. It's a welcome bonus to workers, and an incentive to be productive.

Replace Old Equipment
Old printers, photocopiers, computers - they are all less energy efficent than newer models. While there's a cost associated with replacing them, that cost can be recouped to some degree by bringing in more energy efficient equipment.

Article kindly provided by Centra Heat